Re-enacting Tragedies While My Parents Look On is an online web project that was originally created in 2003, as a commission by the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver, Canada.

It is comprised of a series of newspaper articles, collected at the turn of the millennium from a local paper in the city where the artist’s parents had immigrated some years earlier. The articles, some of which turned out to be misleading stories, or false reports (even a headline floating on a page otherwise devoid of content), vividly describe a range of all-too-familiar effects of late stage capitalism in North America: social and political alienation, class and economic disenfranchisement, and inexplicable random outbursts of violence.

The scanned articles are connected with a series of long, panoramic photographs, which the website’s visitor is encouraged to scroll across, picking out details, and finding an action where the artist plays dead for an audience composed of his bemused mother and father.